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Nikon Digital Camera SD Card Recovery When It Shows Not Formatted Error

SD Card Error in Nikon Digital Camera

If you get SD card error on your Nikon digital camera, the common error message you will get is usually "The disk in drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?". The simple way to solve this problem is to format the card. The problem is if you format the card, you will lose everything in it. What should you do in such a situation?

SD Card Error! Why? The SD card error on your Nikon camera is often caused by SD card corrupt or virus attack or improper operation to the card. Apart from SD card not formatted error, some other similar error message would also enable you to access the photos inside the SD card, for example:
* SD card cannot be detected
* Write error / Read error
* SD card RAW drive
* SD card is not accessible

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
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#2 Data Recovery Software
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How to Recover Lost Files from Nikon Camera? – Fix SD Card Error on Nikon Digital Camera
As you cannot format the SD card directly, you should recover the lost files inside first. You can use Nikon photo recovery software, which is a freeware and 100% free from any virus, so you don’t need to worry that you computer will be infected with virus after installing malware. Below are the detailed steps to recover lost photos from your Nikon camera SD card.

Step1, connect the SD card to the PC. Then download the Nikon photo recovery software and install. You had better create a shortcut when you install the software in order to launch it easily and effectively. In order to recover lost files from error SD card, choose the proper recovery module once the software is launched.
Step2, select the SD card and you will see the software begin to scan the selected SD card in order to search for all the files inside.
Step3, when the scan is over, you are allowed to view all the found files.
Step4, mark all the files you want to recover and store these files. Don’t save the recovered files to the original SD card.

Successful! All the files have been recovered within these four steps. Now you can format the SD card to fix the SD card error. If the error problem cannot be solved by simply formatting, you may need to use professional tool to fix the SD card.

Question on Nikon SD Card Not Formatted Error
My 4GB SD card is unable to be open when I connect it to my PC. I can neither download anything to the card, nor can I write any data to it. PC asked me to format the card if I want to use it. After trying a few times, I decided to format the card, but it says format is uncompleted. Then I inserted the SD card to my Nikon digital camera and tried to format it again. However, when I plugged it to PC, the card still cannot be accessed due to not formatted error. Can anybody give me some help?

There are various similar questions on Internet. In fact, no matter SD card shows not formatted error in a Nikon digital camera or other brands of digital cameras like Cannon, Sony, Kodak, Samsung, Panasonic, etc, users can always run the Nikon photo recovery software to restore the lost photos.

Information about Nikon Digital Camera
Nikon digital camera is a Japanese camera brand that was inverted by Nikon Corporation. The Nikon digital camera includes Nikon 90, Nikon F and Nikon 5100 and so on. Nikon digital camera is one of the best choices for many professional photographers and photographing enthusiasts. Many customers like to use Nikon digital camera is not only because its popular brand but also its high quality.


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