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Hard Drive Not Formatted Error Messages

Cases on Hard Drive Not Formatted Error Message
Case 1: I keep getting the same error message whenever I want to access my hard drive partition. No matter I double click or right click on the partition to open it, Windows always pops up a message to say: you need to format disk in drive G before you can use it (G is the drive letter of this partition). There is no idea what is wrong, but I guess that my computer is infected with virus. So I ran an anti-virus software to scan the whole hard drive. However, I still cannot access the partition by saying the same error message.
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Case 2: This morning, I was transferring some photos from my flash drive to my computer. All of a sudden, my computer was turned off. When I restarted the computer, I was unable to open the hard drive any more. It only shows me: disk in drive is not formatted do you want to format it now. The hard drive contains lots of important data, so I cannot format it. How can I access the hard drive without formatting it?
Restore Data When Hard Drive Shows Not Formatted Error
No matter you use a Windows XP computer, Windows 7 compute or computer runs other operating systems, when hard drive has not formatted error, you should restore data firstly. Hard drive recovery software is able to restore lost files from inaccessible or unreadable disk drive for free. By installing the software on your computer, it can recognize the hard drive and scan the lost files automatically.
Hard Drive Not Formatted Error Message on Windows XP
On Windows XP computer, you often receive error message like this: disk in drive is not formatted do you want to format it now. When system asks you to format the disk, you have no choice but to format the disk if you want to access the drive. However, you can access the drive after formatting, but it doesn’t mean you can read data inside the drive because formatting has erased everything inside the drive. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to format the drive which shows not formatted error unless you have backup of the drive.

Hard Drive Not Formatted Error on Windows 7 Computer
If you use a Windows 7 computer, the error message you will read will is that you need to format disk in drive before you can use it. In fact, although the error message shown on Windows 7 computer is different from the one shown on Windows XP computer, the result is the same. You also have to format the drive if you want to access the drive. Usually, this kind of error can be caused by many reasons, some of which you can avoid, while some of which you cannot avoid.

Hard Drive Not Formatted Error
The reasons for not formatted error are various, such as virus attack, bad sectors on hard drive, improperly operation on hard drive etc…
Windows 7 Hard Drive Cannot Be Detected
Windows 7 recovery software is suitable for any brand of hard drive data recovery under Windows 7 operating system…
Formatted Partition Recovery
If you mistakenly format partition and lose important data, you can use format recovery software to restore lost files for free…
Windows 7 Needs to Format Hard Drive
If hard drive is infected with virus or has bad sectors, it may show not formatted error. Windows may also ask to format hard drive due to other reasons…
External Hard Drive RAW Recovery
RAW file system is a system error on external hard disk drive. When you run into hard drive RAW problem, you have to rely on RAW recovery software to restore lost files…

Restore Data off External Hard Disk
Free download data recovery software to restore data off external hard disk  when files are lost after formatting, deleting or other reasons...

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