Wednesday, September 25, 2013

USB Drive Says Needs Formatting: How Do You Format a Flash Drive and Get back All Files Lost during Format

Can You Format a USB Drive That Says Needs Formatting?
When a USB flash drive says needs formatting, the most troublesome problem is you are not sure if you can format the flash drive. First of all, you had better make it clear why your USB drive says unformat error. Below are some possible causes for USB flash drive error.
  • USB drive is destroyed
  • USB drive has bad sectors
  • Unknown virus attacks USB drive
  • USB drive is corrupted
  • More other unknown reasons.

Retrieve Data from USB Drive
If you are wondering whether you can format the USB flash drive or not since it contains important data, you can use USB drive recovery software to get data off the flash drive. Although the software is powerful in lost data recovery, you should keep in mind not to overwrite the flash drive before data recovery. In addition, you should protect the USB flash drive from any physical damage. You don’t need to worry about the fee because USB drive recovery software is completely free. However, the freeware only enables you to recover 2GB data for free, so we would like to recommend two different USB drive recovery freeware to you.

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
The first must try recovery software is also a freeware which can recover photos, videos, music, etc from memory card, USB drive, hard drive, external drive, etc. Please visit best data recovery software for step by step guide.
The third must try recovery software is available for free download, with which you can recover any type of file from all storage devices. You can visit  recommended data recovery to learn detailed steps.

The card recovery software is a program to recover files from all types of memory card, so you can refer to free card recovery tutorials if you want to recover memory card data.

USB Drive Won’t Format
You are able to format the USB drive after recovering data from the drive, so that you won’t lose any file due to formatting. In most case, you can format the USB flash drive easily by connecting it to your computer. However, under some circumstance, you will find that you cannot format the drive because windows might say USB drive won’t format. If you encounter such a situation, you can try to use professional format program to format the flash drive.

How to Avoid USB Drive Unformat Error?
  • Don’t remove your USB drive from computer during data saving or transferring
  • Don’t plug your USB drive to public computer because it may contain malware or virus

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